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We value our patients' experience at Stafford Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to email Dr. Stafford with your testimonial.

See below for just a few testimonials from our many happy, healthy patients!

  • "When I started treatment with Dr. Stafford, I had tension headaches 5-6 times per week, some back pain (not severe) and TMJ off and on. I was living on Excedrin for tension headache, and was fatigued from the caffeine intake. I was also taking antacids for heartburn 3-4 times per week.

    Now almost a year later, not only have the above sympoms disappeared almost completely, I also have recovered almost fully from a car accident I had 6 months ago (whiplash). I don't have to keep pain pills in my purse anymore or antacids. I am able to focus on other things besides managing pain, like school (full time) and work (full time). I thank God for Dr. Stafford, Nanette and Kathy. :)

    Helen C. | Cypress, CA
  • "Your chiropractic procedures, skillfully performed as I must add, had alleviated the tremendous amount of stress that had developed in my muscles and joints during day to day work activities at the office and from my strenuous workouts in the gym. Irvine Chiropractor

    Thank You!!!"
    Cynthia M. | Irvine, CA
  • "I would like to thank you for all you have done for me. I can't believe how much better I feel already. My back pain is gone and even the tension in my shoulders and neck is gone too! I have been living with tension in my shoulders and neck for years. I had no idea it was due to problems with my back.

    I remember my first visit to your office in April; I couldn't take the pain in my back any more. I was losing sleep and taking pills for the pain and I just didn't want to live like that any more. It is amazing that in a couple of months of coming in just once or twice a week that I would be feeling so well! I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I tell everyone I know about the help you have given me.

    God bless you."
    Patty O. | Irvine, CA
  • "Since I have been coming to Dr. Rod I feel much better. I have not been sick and headaches have decreased substantially. My neck is so much better and this is my favorite lunch-time activity!

    Thank You."
    Connie E. | Irvine, CA
  • "Dr. Stafford, thank you so much for everything you've done to help me live with a healthy spine and neck! I love how you not only treat the chiropractic needs, but also help rehabilitate the muscles around the problem spots with stretches and strengthening exercises. I tell all of my friends and family that this is an important part of the process that I've never had with other chiropractors.

    There are so many things you do that I didn't know could be done with chiropractic care. You adjust my elbows, wrists and thumbs regularly (I look forward to it!) and that's such a huge relief, as I'm on a computer all day for work. You also correct my chronic TMJ problems; I was quite pleased to find out you've even gone through special training for TMJ needs. And the times when I've told you about sinus pressure, you have worked your magic and relieved it! I instantly feel better. It's amazing!"
    Lauren K. | Costa Mesa, CA
  • "I had major lower back pain day or night, no matter what I was doing. My nights and days are now much less painful and more restful."
    Tony B. | Irvine, CA
  • "I like coming to the chiropractor because I love seeing all the new people who are at the chiropractor. It feels really good after I get my back cracked. Christian or not, just come in and feel better. I promise you will feel better!"
    Charlotte, age 9 | Irvine, CA
  • "Healing begins when Dr. Stafford briskly steps inside the room. His enthusiastic greeting, warm handshake and joyful spirit encourages the waiting soul. Dr. Stafford's gifts are more than simply just the chiropractic help he so skillfully offers. His cheerfulness is healing to the bones (as Proverbs says) and uplifts the weary-hearted.

    Dr. Stafford's willingness and passion to serve is powerful and life-giving, as he is connected to Christ, the True Vine. He delights in healing others and looks to the Creator as the source by which he may cultivate physical, emotional and spiritual energy in others. Dr. Stafford encounters his own personal struggles gracefully and trusts beyond what he can see and feel, knowing that God never wants to waste a hurt. Thus, he is focused on what he may do for his patients."
    Sherry S. | Irvine, CA
  • "When I first came to Dr. Stafford, I was just in need of some "spinal maintenance." I had been in a car accident a few years before, and wanted to see how my spine and neck were doing. Shortly after I started treatment here, I was again rear-ended. As a result of the chiropractic care I was already under, the damage to my neck and spine was not severe. Dr. Stafford was able to perform the necessary adjustments and I have very little pain. I continue to visit regularly to maintain my total spinal health."
    Kristen | Irvine, CA
  • "Thank you for straightening me out!! My back and upper back/shoulders are feeling much relief and so much less pain - then there's my thumbs, almost pain-free and what a bonus! My left foot feels better, too! Thanks for helping my friends, too.

    Feeling less pain,"
    Barbara S. | Irvine, CA

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